About AiCPG

We Support Guideline Developers

The primary goal of The Alliance for the Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines (“AiCPG” or “The Alliance”) is to meet the needs of Guideline Developers and Guideline Users to improve the safety and quality of patient care in the U.S. Healthcare system.

Guideline Developers use our network to disseminate guideline information, engage Guideline Users, be more efficient, and find solutions to their own individual problems. The Alliance’s work is to explore opportunities where Guideline Developers can work together to harmonize and reduce variation. We can help create more opportunities to develop multi-society systematic reviews, produce multi-society recommendations, and produce multi-society implementation solutions.

Our Organization

The AiCPG includes two main governing bodies – the Board of Directors and the Alliance Oversight Committee. There is no cost to Guideline Developers to participate.

The Board of Directors is responsible for Strategic Decision Making. The Board of Directors is comprised of between 3-9 individuals and emphasizes individuals with clinical and medical informatics experience.

The Alliance Oversight Committee is responsible for Tactical, Operational, and Management Decision-Making. The Committee is comprised of 5-9 representatives from participating Guideline Developers. This Committee can create taskforces to address specific topics pertaining to the on-going improvements to the Clearinghouse.

Our Business Model

We Offer A Connecting Healthcare Solution. The Alliance’s work is to meet Guideline Developer’s anticipated and unanticipated needs. We support our operations by offering cost-effective, fee-based services: peer review comments, public comments, relevant survey data, relevant evaluation data, among other data-related projects. We format data collection to comply with guideline development policies & procedures, grant reporting requirements to funders (implementation tools, etc.), and project requirements.

The Differentiators - Quality of Evidence

  • Users can find clinical documents meeting specific standards of the 2011 Institute of Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines We Can Trust. Finding the highest quality answers is extremely easy.
  • AiCPG Clearinghouse is the ONLY search engine that offers this capability for guideline users.
  • Each Guideline Summary has 16 objectively determined Quality Rating “Scores.” (e.g., yes/no – patient representative).
  • We collect User feedback report our findings to both the Guideline Developer and Oversight Committee. Corrective action is implemented, as needed.
  • The Guideline Summary Format is hyperlinked to the full-text and executive summary clinical practice guideline.

Free Guideline Resources

While we are planning to launch our new clinical practice guideline tool in the near future, we know you use guidelines every day. To help fill the gap between the closure of the National Guideline Clearinghouse and the launch of our tool, we’ve compiled a list of free medical guideline tools available today. These resources are ready for you to use now!

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