One-Click Access and Free Decision Support From Guideline Developers in the New AiCPG Guideline Clearinghouse

The Alliance for the Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines (AiCPG or The Alliance) is a  501(c)(3) exempt organization created and operated exclusively for the charitable, educational, and scientific purposes of freely disseminating evidence-based clinical practice guideline information to the healthcare community in order to educate clinicians to improve patient care.

Free Access

One-Click Access places emphasis on making clinical information easier to consume, share, integrate, and update. Advanced search helps you find accurate answers – quickly and easily, plus find recommendations, algorithms, figures & tables, full-text, and more.

Free Decision Support

We understand your challenges. We can help. Guideline Users may contact the Experts at Guideline Developers to request answers to potential roadblocks. Each Guideline Developer’s Homepage offers free provider and patient resources.

Focus On Implementation

Each Guideline Summary “groups” closely related activities, mobile applications, decision support, and tools necessary to improve health and transform care. Enter an e-mail address to receive updates from the Guideline Developer on solutions to implement the guideline.

Submit Your Guidelines

The Clearinghouse is a pass-through to disseminate Guidelines and “Best Practice” Expert Consensus Statements. Users face no log-in requirements, no profile creation, no registration, no pop-up ads, no hassles, and no clutter. No cost to you or to users. Users selects the Guideline Developer(s) or Guideline Summary(ies) they want updates. The updates lead to Guideline Summaries you approve (with the tools) that users click-through to your website(s). For busy clinicians, they will be more up-to-date than they know.

We Support Guideline Developers

Become a Participating Guideline Developer. The Alliance supports dissemination of evidence-based guideline information that can dramatically accelerate care improvement, which benefits all of us. We believe we can and must improve care for all people by better meeting their needs and maintaining their independence and dignity. If we succeed, society will benefit from their continuing contributions and from overall reductions in health care spending.

Benefits of Participation

  • Improve patient health and transform care in the U.S. Healthcare System
  • Only Guideline Clearinghouse that offers active decision support to Guideline Users
  • Only Guideline Clearinghouse designed to support the work of Guideline Developers with Guideline Developer oversight
  • Only Guideline Clearinghouse that does NOT require membership registration in return for free access to free guideline information.
  • Only Guideline Clearinghouse to prominently display your Guideline Developer’s logo on your guideline content.
  • Only Guideline Clearinghouse dedicated to clinical practice guidelines and “best practice” expert consensus statements appropriate for the U.S. healthcare system.
  • Biannual Web Analytics Reports capturing how often your guideline content is accessed
  • Monthly Newsletter keeping you apprised of new/updated guideline content and site features, as well as items of interest to the guideline community.

Why Our Initiative is Important to Clinicians

USE Guidelines Weekly
Medical Societies Represented

Get Launch Updates

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